2017 DAAD-TN Summer School on Geodetic Techniques for Global Change Monitoring


  • Exchange of knowledge and actual research status related to DAAD TN
  • Allowing German and Chinese students and junior researchers to become familiar with the teaching activities and research facilities at the partner universities
  • Taking the aggregated network’s expertise in spaceborne geodetic technology, in satellite data analysis and in monitoring and modeling of global change phenomena as the disciplinary basis of the Thematic Network


  • Satellite Altimetry
  • Positioning, Navigation and Reference Systems Satellite Gravimetry and Enabling Technologies
  • Hydrological Geodesy
  • Applications for Global Change Monitoring


General Information

Hosted by:

Date:July, 23-28, 2017


BanShan Hotel, Development Avenue 56, DongShan Development Zone, YiChang, Hubei Province, China
(地址: 湖北省宜昌市东山开发区发展大道56号半山酒店)


Xu Xinyu:Phone: +86-13627238111 E-mail: xyxu@sgg.whu.edu.cn

Hu Qi:Phone: +86-13797348543 E-mail: abraham@whu.edu.cn


Time | Day Sun 23.07 Mon 24.07 Tue 25.07 Wed 26.07 Thu 27.07 Fri 28.07
9:00-10:30 Registration Welcome speech
(Jiancheng Li)
Introductory talk on global change(Nico Sneeuw)
Altimetry 4:Ice (XiaohuaTong) Loading and crustal displacement(Tonie Van Dam, Qiang Chen) Deformation analysis using Kalman-filter methodology(Volker Schwieger) Satellite gravimetry
(Xiancai Zou)
11:00-12:30 Altimetry 1: Basics and hydrology (Mohammad Tourian) Time series analysis:Basics (Nico Sneeuw) Time seriesGNSS coordinates (Weiping Jiang) Infrastructural deformationmonitoring (Jiming Guo) GRACE/ GOCE applications(Hanjiang Wen)
14:30-16:00 Altimetry 2:Sea level(Taoyong Jin) Altimetry 3: Heights (Wenbin Shen) Social program GNSS- Seismology (Xiaohong Zhang) Crustal deformation monitoring by InSAR (Caijun Xu) Lab: Satellite Gravimetry (Lab coord.: Xinyu Xu)
16:30-18:00 Lab:Altimetry Sea level/ hydrology (Lab coord.: MJ Tourian) Lab: Time series (Lab coord.: Weiping Jiang) Lab: Deformation (Labcoord.:Jinyue Wang) Closing


  1. Students need to bring their own laptops with Matlab installed.
  2. Certificates could to be prepared so students can get credit points for the participation in the workshop, if needed.
  3. Students need to arrive at BanShan hotel the day before opening by themselves.