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Conference name: AMEIT2017 (2nd International conference on Advances in Management Engineering and Information Technology)
Website:  http://www.ameit2017.org/
Time: April 23-24, 2017
Place:Shanghai, China (Jinrong International Hotel)

Would you like to present your research achievements to other experts?
Want a chance to communicate with prestigious experts in your research field from all over the world face to face?
Join us in AMEIT2017. Your will gain what is unexpected.

Papers submission
Submission deadline: April 13, 2017 (Please prepare your paper in MS word or PDF version.)
E-mail address: ameit2017sub@126.com
History review
AMEIT2015, Jun 28-29, Bangkok, Thailand
The first AMEIT, AMEIT2015, contained the same topics as the AMEIT2017 does. It aroused wide interests among researchers and scholars in these fields. The conference was held successfully with the support from contributors and reviewers. Many of them are keeping contact with us and build up cooperative relations. In addition, the whole proceedings were indexed in CPCI-S.