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报告题目:Airborne geodesy from aircraft and drones – gravity and lidar for geoid and satellite validation
报  告  人:Rene Forsberg, National Space Institute (DTU-Space)
邀  请  人:张小红 教授
Research scientist and Department Head, Department of Geodynamics (current staff of 12). Have worked extensively with geodetic, satellite and airborne research for cryosphere monitoring, general geodesy and mapping, and earth observation. Research focus has been on gravity field modeling and the use of gravity field data for environmental applications, as well as developing airborne methods for geophysics and cryosphere mapping (lidar). Numerous consultancy tasks for international and national survey projects (e.g., major bridges, national geoid models), sea-level issues and satellite-related tasks. Has taken initiative to, planned and carried out field expeditions in Greenland, Svalbard, Canada, the Arctic Ocean, Antarctica and many regions of Asia and Africa, both as part of gravity field and magnetic mapping, e.g. in connection with the Danish Continental Shelf project in the Arctic Ocean, as well as global gravity field models. Lead or co-lead of numerous ESA and EU projects, including leadership of the multi-national ESA Greenland Icesheet Climate Change Initiative 2012-18, and the Antarctica 2015/16 PolarGap project, for airborne gravity, lidar and radar data collections over the GOCE southern polar gap.