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报告题目:GESA Group from the National University of La Plata, Argentina – Activities research on GNSS for remote sensing and positioning
报  告  人:Dr. Francisco Azpilicueta  National University of La Plata
邀  请  人:张小红教授
时       间: 2018年9月30日下午14:30-16:00
地       点:测绘学院227报告厅

Dr. Azpilicueta will introduce the university and scientific institutions of Argentina. He will continue with a summary of the research works produced by GESA laboratory during the last years, especially those related to the development of LPIM and its applications. Special emphasis will be given to the modip coordinate that LPIM uses for producing global maps of ionospheric VTEC.

Dr. Francisco Azpilicueta works at the National University of La Plata is Assistant Profesor at the Faculty of Astronomical and Geophysical Science of the National University of La Plata, Argentina. He also holds a position as Independent Researcher at the CONICET (National Council of Research of Argentina). He is member of GESA laboratory for more 20 years in ionospheric and geodetic studies. Dr. Azpilicueta main research activities are oriented to ionospheric modeling based on GNSS ground and space data sources (GNSS stations, satellite altimetry and radio occultation, etc.). He has contributed with several developments to the LPIM (La Plata Ionospheric Model).