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报告题目:GNSS Remote Sensing at GFZ:Recent activities and Results
报  告  人:Prof. Jens Wickert,German Research Centre for Geosciences,Potsdam;
                  Technische Universität Berlin,Germany
邀  请  人: 徐晓华   教授
GNSS Remote Sensing (RS) has become a powerful tool for the Geosciences during the last two decades. Most prominent examples are ground and space based atmosphere/ionosphere sounding techniques. These are currently applied operationally to improve global and regional weather forecasts, but also widely used in climate change research. GNSS reflectometry for Earth surface observation is not yet operationally applied but in strong focus of international research. GFZ, as the German Research Centre for Geosciences, was and is a pioneering institution for the development and application of various ground and space based GNSS Remote Sensing techniques. GFZ, as a world-leading georesearch institute, is introduced and the broad spectrum of GNSS Remote sensing activities at GFZ is reviewed, illustrated by recent research results.

Introduction to the speaker
Jens Wickert is the responsible scientist of GFZ for the GNSS Remote Sensing Research and the speaker of the GFZ contribution to the Helmholtz research programme “Atmosphere and Climate”. He holds a joint professorship of GFZ with Technische Universität Berlin. Prof. Wickert is involved in numerous research projects and satellite missions, predominantly in a leading position. Examples are GPS Radio Occultation with CHAMP, GRACE, TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X and GNSS Reflectometry with GEROS-ISS and PRETTY of the European Space Agency. He is also deputy head of the GFZ section “Space Geodetic Techniques”. Prof. Wickert is author/co-author of more than 200 ISI listed publications in GNSS Earth Observation and received several research awards, e.g., the PECORA- and Wernher-von-Braun-Award, as member of the CHAMP/GRACE teams. More information is available here: www.jenswickert.de